Marina at the Mecklenburg Lake District
Beautiful park area around Rheinsberg Castle
Landing for one of the numerous possible excursions.
Sunset atmosphere in the Marina.
The Mecklenburg Lake District - holidays for the whole family
View from the church spire in Röbel to the Müritz (from Christin Drühl).
City Island Malchow, Mecklenburg Lake District.
Time for a coffee break.
Marina in Waren (Müritz).
Horses on a meadow at the Müritz.

Berlin, Mecklenburg, Saar, Mosel

Waters of Mecklenburg and Brandenburg

Explore the lakes and rivers of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg!

Berlin is ideal for house boat exploration with its over 100 miles of water ways and its many bridges which even outnumber those of Venice. After only two hours of navigation on the Berlin lake district you can reach Potsdam where a visit to the old palace of Sanssouci is an absolute must. Places for landing can be found directly next to the city center.

If you are travelling in the direction of Brandenburg you should in any case taste the delicious fruit wines of the idyllic island town of Werder. We recommend that you go for a tasting near the fishermen on the promenade where you can also enjoy freshly smoked eel. There is the possibility of spending the night in a small marina. To the south-east of Berlin you can explore the region of Spreewald which is an area that is unique in Europe.
There are many boathouses and marinas everywhere in the region where you can spend the night or fill up your food supplies. The most beautiful thing, however, remains dropping anchor in the wilderness.

In the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern there is the area of the Mecklenburg lake district. The biggest ones of the over 1000 lakes are connected by rivers and canals. The landscape changes continuously between water, woods, and meadows and it invites you to spend some relaxing holidays in close contact with the natural environment.
The complete absence of industry and the thin population density have done their part to create and preserve an almost unique flora and fauna. Ospreys, black storks, and cranes dwell in the almost untouched spots. Everywhere you can find extended conservation areas. A national park has even been set up in order to protect the habitat of the region's plants and animals. These are however no taboo areas for humans who should in turn approach this natural preservation with care. Exceptional experiences in untouched natural surroundings will become lasting memories for you and your family.

The Müritz
From the Müritz you can't only reach the waters surrounding Berlin but also the heart of the Mecklenburg lake district that is waiting for you with its numerous water landscapes that are mostly untouched and natural. This is nature in its purest form!
The Müritz itself is the second biggest lake of Germany with an area of about 70 square miles and an extension in north south direction of about 17 miles. The eastern shore of the lake has been declared a conservation area and you can still find a great variety of birds there as, for instance, the many ospreys. But even culture is on offer here. The museum of Müritz and its old part of town invite you to visit them. It's worth it!

Attention: in Germany it is required to be in possession of a sport boat licence. But there is a partial freedom from this regulation. If you charter a boat you will be given initial instructions whose completeion will enable you to hold a temporary licence. This licence can only be used once but it will enable you to navigate on canals without holding the permanent licence. In this way you can, for example, start from Saarbrücken in direction of France without having the German sport boat licence.

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