Kojen für Singels

Blauwasser 01/09 vom 11.03.09

Barone Yachting meldet steigende Nachfrage für Kojencharter Angebote. Mitsegeln wird für Charter Einsteiger immer beliebter, da die Freiheit bei dieser Art von Urlaub auf dem Wasser immer größeren Gefallen findet...

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Berths for Singles

Around 11.2 million singles live in Germany. With an amount of 34 per cent of singles in major cities with over 500.00 inhabitants they make up a third of the population. Amongst the singles one rarely finds a frustrated stay-at-home. The majority is on the lookout for partners and therefore pretty adventuresome. So is it that the demand for cabin-charters in Germany rose 15 per cent in the past year. Lucie Barone, holder of the homonymous company has a plausible explanation for this: There is no other means of travelling with so much freedom on the sea, and the chance of getting to know new people, like on a cabin-charter on a sailing yacht. In order to be ready for the coming season Barone Yachting adopted 5 new cabin-charter offers into the programme. One can choose between Malta, the dreamlike Seychelles, the british virgin islands, celeb-island St. Barth and the lonely Grenadines. The yachts are filled with a maximum of eight guests. Other than on cruise liners, the lifestyle is a casual one and the small yachts can reach even the smallest of bays and ports, afar from common tourist-trails. But the cruise is not short off service either: the skipper ensures the save course and the hostess for food and drink. No previous knowledge about the sea or sailing is necessary. Active sailing is possible but absolutely voluntary. The guests are meant to enjoy the trip and are not sentenced to work on deck. Fear of seasickness is also baseless because cruises take place only in destinations and seasons with stable weather conditions.

Blauwasser 01/09 vom 11.03.2009

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