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Cabin cruise on a Catamaran

Yacht vom 18.02.14
CORSE The charter agency Barone enlarges its cabin cruise program on luxurious catamarans. Those are equipped with professional skipper and cook. The participants live in individual bookable double-cabins. Now there is also an offer on a 60 feet catamaran (Catlante 600, you can see on the left side) from/to Ajaccio. The weekly cruise leads towards to Bonifacio and the islands of Lavezzi in southern Corse. The prices vary between €600,-- and €900,-- per week and person with full-board depending on the dates (without flight). Read more about our cabin cruises here.

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Cabin Cruises on Saint Martin & the BVI

Charter Horizonte vom 01.12.13
Do you have enough time to try the Caribbean cocktail during your cabin cruise in the Caribbean? The answer is clearly: Yes. At the charter provider Barone Yachting you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the Caribbean the whole time but you also can help on board for example to set the sail, preparing the meals in the galley or help at one of the harbor maneuvers in the moorings. It is created for absolutely everyone. What happens during a two-week Caribbean cruise on board of an comfortable catamaran? Itinerary cabin cruise St. Martin and BVI

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News on the Almafi coast - Yachtcharter Salerno

Segler-Zeitung edition 2 vom 01.02.13
After Barone Yachting already extended it's caribbean-fleet in St. Martin in spring 2012 with two new Lagoon 400 and Lagoon 450 this season 2013 are coming two more charter catamarans of this type. With it's partner Bestsail , Barone has positioned 30 more yachts between 33 and 53 feet on the Mediterranean this year. Because of that the charter fleetpresents itself in best. In the fleet is the brandnew Bavaria 33 and 45 Cruiser, some Hanse Yachts and as well a luxurious Jeanneau 53 in 5-cabins version and one as owner-version with three cabins. In addition Bestsail is offering the recently presented Hélia 44 . Bestail has also opened a new charter base in Salerno. In the brandnew opened Marina d'Arechi the guests are having a choice between ten different yachts. The destination is interesting because of the good arrival possibilities to Napels also with Low-Cost-Carrier. Another point is the good organised transfer from Barone. The base is very good for trips in the direction Ischia, Capri and along the Almalfi coast with the amazing villages Positano, Sorrento and Almalfi. The fleet includes sailing yachts from Beneteau, Jeanneau and the brandnew Cruiser series from Bavaria. So Barone is covering the bandwidth between 33 and 50 feet completely. Read more about yachtcharter offers in Italy/Sicily. For more information contact Barone Yachting, Friedrichring 33 , 79098 Freiburg, Tel: 0049761-380630 and

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Barone with new yachts in the Caribbean and Mediterranean

Yachting blue vom 01.01.13
The fleet of Barone is growing. On St. Martin in the caribbean are already two catamarans of the type Lagoon 400 and 450 in action. Together with its partner Bestsail the charter fleet grew in the Mediterranean again about 30 yachts between 33 and 53 feet. Ten of them in the brandnew Marina d'Arechi in Salerno. A good starting point for trips to Ischia, Capri or the Almalfi coast. Flights from all German airports to Neapel are often possible to cheap prices. The transfer from the airport of Neapel will be organised by Barone Yachting.

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New cabin - cruise yachts in Corsica, Caribbean and Seychelles

Charter Horizonte vom 01.01.13
For over 30 years now Barone Yachting is one of the biggest charter providers in Germany and Suisse. The portfolio reaches from the Mediterranean over the caribbean to the south seas. Besides its own bareboat fleet in the Caribbean, the Seychelles and Malta Barone Yachting expands its range of so-called "Sailing Yacht - Cruises" on cruising catamarans from 40 to 60 feet. These are carried out with professional crew, consisting of skipper and hostess / cook. The meals will be offered like on a purely motorized boat cruises the whole day long. Because the program in the Caribbean, the Seychelles, around Malta and now also in Corsica is more a cruise then a sailing trip like originally the new cruises where called "Sailing Yacht-Cruise". Barone Yachting sails weekly from their bases in the Caribbean, the Seychelles and from Malta and Corsica those cruises on luxurious catamarans. The cruises with skipper, cook and full board will be driven on a upscale class catamaran and the duration is between one week and 12 days. The prices per person are between EUR 800,- when you are sailing the "Cocktail-Round-Malta" and EUR 1680,- when you are sailing the "Cocktail Lezil" on the Seychelles. The price depends from the duration and the area. Spontaneously jumping in the sea, swimming, snorkeling or staying on a lonely beach in the sun are just a part of this individual trip. Also the menu, the excursions and the itinerary will be designed acoording to the sailors preferences. To let others do the sailing works or to help active on deck is everybodys choice. "There is no other kind of traveling with such freedom like on the sea", says the proprietress Lucie Barone happy over the growing demand. Contrary to the popular cruise-tourism the traveller with a sailing yacht are able to head for every bay, every anchorage place and nearly every marina. For more information contact: Barone Yachting, Friedrichring 33, 79098 Freiburg, Tel: 0049176-380630 and

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Yachtcharter Corsica - Ajaccio

Yachting Blue 08/12 vom 20.07.12
Brand-new port of departure on Corsica The seaport Ajaccio offers an excellent starting point for cruises and yachtcharter along the west coast of Corsica. The newly-made base of Bestsails and partners Barone Yachting is located in the marina Charles Ornano, right in the middle of the historic center. Starting at the marina Charles Ornano you can either sail to Acciolu in the northwest of Corsica or head for the south, the Strait of Bonifacio. The team Barone has prepared an eight-days-long itinerary for the north route which among others follows the Sanguinaires archipelago and the ports of Girolata and Calvo. Those who don't get together their own crew for the cruise on short notice can make a reservation for a cabin on a 60-feet-catamaran. The full board yacht cruises are available from 990 Euro per week. More yachtcharter itineraries and information can be found at Barone Yachting under

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Bestsail continues to grow

Yacht vom 18.01.12
The german company cooperates since 2012 with seven new partnerfleets in Italy, Croatia, Greece and the Carribean In Italy they concentrate on building up the cooperation bases in the room around sicily: In Trapani, Marsala and on the mainland by tropea customers have more selections for yachcharter at the coast of sicily to the Eolian Islands or Egadian Islands. Bestsail-Partner is the italian fleetowner Sailling Sicily. In Croatia crews can start now from Murter, in Grecce in the heart of the Ionic Sea from Lefkas. The new partner-bases of Adriatic Yacht Charter in Croatia and South Aegean Yachting in Greece. Bestsail - the big cooperation of german and swiss Yachtcharter agents has 4 VPM Yachtcharter bases in the Carribean Sea on Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Martin and Tortola and GPS-Yachts in Trinidad on Cuba have new destinations for sailors. Next to new bases also a new standard equipment is coming up, but from supplier to supplier different quickly. So on many fleets there is W-Lan with own SIM-Cards and flatrates, the customers have then a free Internet-possibility like at Adriatic Yacht Charter in Croatia. In destinations where sailors are used to anchoring, fleet-operators put solar-panels on the yachts, especially on catamarans to covers the energy requirements. More Informations and bookings on or through all Bestsail-agents.

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VPM Bestsail Base Guadeloupe is being expanded

Segeln (Germany) vom 22.06.11
The German company Bestsail in cooperation with their partner VPM Yachtcharter took on the pontoons and infrastructure of the former Sunsail charter base "blue lagoon" in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. 100 metre length of pontoon is now additionally available and presently the new offices are being moved into. In the marina Bas de Fort 28 yachts can be offered altogether by VPM - Bestsail now. Bookings are possible via Barone Yachting ( and all Bestsail agents.

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