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Wenn man die Schönheitsgöttin unter den Stränden wählen müsste, wären die Seychellen bestimmt an erster Stelle. Die 115 Inseln im Indischen Ozean bestechen mit puderfeinem Strand und einer einzigartigen Tierwelt...

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Heaven on Earth

Seychelles is the place where one finds the most beautiful beaches in the world, with clear and blue water flowing all around. Exclusive luxury resorts still lie embedded in untouched nature. If one had to chose the beautyqueen of beaches, the Seychelles clearly would be in the highest of positions. The 115 islands in the Indian Ocean convince with powdery white sand and an incredible animal kingdom. One of the most exclusive resorts is North Island. The blue lagoon provides with eleven mansions with 450 square metres. With the 'open' manner in which the villas are constructed you do not get the chance to forget your being on the lonely island. Hoiliday-makers have the entire lagoon in front of them while refreshing themselves under the outdoor shower. 'Being one with nature' is the motto of almost all resorts. On Fégate Island the resorts are integrated in the rocky landscape in a very harmonious way. The 5 Star luxury hotel Labriz Sillhouette Seychelles opened only recently in 2007. The resort on the third largest island of the seychelles combines comfort and luxury with adventure in the midst of a tropical rainforest and a marine nature park. The Saint Anne Resort & Spa of the beachcomber group lies embedded in a sheltered Marine park on the picturesque island St. Anne.

Who is indecisive about which of the 115 islands on the Seychelles to chose, can discover the world of islands via catamaran and sailing yacht. Barone Yachting offers marvelous cruises of either seven or eleven days through the Seychelles. The breathtaking journey takes visitors to the jungle, tortoise farms, bird sanctuaries and the paradisiacal beaches. The cruise cocktail creole costs 1.160,- for six nights per person including full board.

Reise aktuell vom 01.12.2007

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