Bestsail übernimmt französische Yachtcharter Firma VPM

Yacht vom 04.04.02

Die erst vor drei Jahren gegründete deutsche Charterflotten-Kette Bestsail hat überraschend den französischen Anbieter VPM gekauft, der vor allem durch seine Standorte in der Karibik bekannt geworden ist.
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Spectacular Buy-Out

German charter-network bestsail Buys French charter company VPM

Bestsail has only been existing for three years has astonishingly bought the French operator VPM who has become popular through his beses in teh Caribbean.

The sale leads back to the restructuring of the French company Nouvelles Frontieres, which VPM formed part of. Bestsail, a merger of many large yacht charter agencies in Germany, Austria and Swizerland (amongst which are Barone Yachting, B+R Yachting, Charterwelt, Sarres Schockemöhle Yachting, Windrose Yachtcharter and KH+P) has been waiting together with other interested parties for three months and has finally gained acceptance. Therefore VPM's 150 yachts which consist mainly of Dufour and Nautitech ships, as well as five bases (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Tahiti and Seychelles) now form part of the German firm. 'We hence stretch our offer which has previously been largely Mediterranean focused further into teh Caribbean' says Bernd Löffel member of the bord of directors.

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