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The only thing that counts is experience.

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Lucie Barone
Lucie Barone
Barone Yachting belongs today to the leading yacht charter companies in Europe. This success doesn't come out of nowhere. The foundation for our success was built by Lucie Barone over 44 years ago. As a fascinated sailor she made her hobby a profession. After many turns in the Baltic Sea and in the Mediterranean she first focused on southern France and then Greece building up the charter business step by step. Over the years a rich treasure of experience has thus been gathered. This experience is now the driving force and the heart of our company. It's, moreover, passed on in a well reflected way. Over 100 apprentices have been trained in our head office in Freiburg, Germany. At the moment about twelve employees are working with us here. And Daniel Barone, who holds a diploma in applied economics and is 47 years old, is about to walk in the foot steps of his mother. In our external offices employees with the experience of many years are working for us. Barone Yachting can be labeled a full service provider today as it also cooperates closely with a travel agency. No matter if it's reasonably priced flights, transfers, an extension of your holidays on land or other such wishes, we will do everything possible in order to make your holidays on water a real success.

Sailing Holidays Totally Secure

Every sailing captain is hoping for a turn that comes to its end without complications. Today there are insurance companies and policies of all sorts. But only the right combination of the suiting policies will deliver the needed protection against harm during and after your turn. Barone Yachting takes care of your security on all levels. We are a member of the Association of German Yacht Charter Companies and have thus complied with the organization's standards.

During the sailing holidays our clients can protect themselves against risks that may arise with the usage of a sport boat and that may not be covered by a normal third party insurance for the skipper. Although an existing boat third party insurance usually protects the leisure captain, claims made by single members of the crew may not be included in it. It's often also difficult to ascertain with complete security that the insurance will pay on time and thus deliver the protection needed. The skipper third party insurance can be signed individually or as a package together with other insurances such as a travel cancellation insurance or a travel health insurance. Whoever wants to keep the risks at an absolute minimum can protect him or herself with a damage waiver. The damage waiver will reduce your security deposit to 250 Euros instead of up to 4700 Euros. Compared to this, costs for the damage waiver start from only 90 Euros. In this way your turn will be protected from all sides.

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea has been the cradle of culture almost since the beginning of time. Today every second charter holiday takes place in the waters between the Turkish Riviera in the east and the Balearic Islands in the west. It's the bridge between orient and occident. Barone Yachting takes care of this important area from its headquarters in Freiburg, Germany. In the last couple of years new branch offices have been added to our company. We now have offices in Freiburg in Germany, in the Austrian capital of Vienna, and in Basel in Switzerland. Wherever you need us our employees are near you. The same goes, by the way, for our Bestsail charter-bases that are not smaller in number. Bestsail is something like our home made brand. Yachts of the highest quality are waiting for you, as the name already indicates.

Beyond the Mediterranean

At Barone Yachting everything started with sailing under the Mediterranean sun. But in our catalog you will find much more. If you want to experience the magic of exotic overseas waters like the ones of the Caribbean or the Seychelles, even for these tastes we hold the relevant selection of charter boats ready for you. The most extraordinary wishes on the side of our clients don't make us sweat. Would you like a turn where you can explore untouched territory as one around the Sounds near Vancouver on the Pacific coast of Canada? Or are you looking for a turn with the strong winds at the Canary Islands including the island's traditional carnival? No Problem. Barone Yachting makes dreams come true.

Always Something Special

Those who are looking for a cabin cruise will also find their share there.

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