Eltville on the Rhine
Restaurant / Café in Eltville.
Coffee break on board.
Castle Vollrads. Source: Oehl.
Dawn in the Marina.

Berlin, Mecklenburg, Saar, Mosel

Moselle, Main, Saar

The Moselle
The Moselle is completely regulated by dams and locks. On the German part of the river with its length of about 150 miles there are 12 locks. You will enter the locks together with commercially operating vessels. There are many marinas on the banks of the Moselle.

The Saar
The Saar is completely regulated by locks and dams too. On its length of about 70 miles there are eleven locks which have to be entered together with commercial vessels. There is low boat traffic on this river. When the Saar was under construction new marinas were built too.

Attention: in Germany it is required to be in possession of a sport boat licence. But there is a partial freedom from this regulation. If you charter a boat you will be given initial instructions whose completeion will enable you to hold a temporary licence. This licence can only be used once but it will enable you to navigate on canals without holding the permanent licence. In this way you can, for example, start from Saarbrücken in direction of France without having the German sport boat licence.

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