Berth for your houseboat on the banks of the Grande Lago. (C) Nicols
Amieira Marina, Portugal. (c)Nicols.
Houseboat holidays with friends in Portugal. (c)Nicols
Cycling along the coastline of Grande Lago. (c)Nicols
Relaxed houseboat holidays in Portugal. (c)Nicols
Pure relaxation with perfect weather, Portugal.
Atmospheric scene at the Grande Lago.
Enjoy a romantic sunset on board.

Grande Lago

The Grande Lago

The Grande Lago is Europe’s biggest artificial lake. Located in proximity of the Spanish border it is about 50 miles long and has a circumference of some 725 miles. From Marina d’Amieira you will navigate on waters of a very special quality. Here diving, swimming, and fishing are activities that will fascinate those who love nature.
With your family and friends you can land on a lonely island and play Robinson Crusoe for a night. But you may as well, of course, land near one of the many villages and find yourself in the company of locals. In this area you can find the dam of Alqueva which was finished in 2002, the village of Luz which once sank into the lake but was built up again, and Mourao with its castle and fort from the 13th century. There is an arena for bullfights which is still in use in the town of Monsarez.
With its 300 days of sunshine per year you can opt for the waters of the Grande Lago in order to enjoy a boat trip in all freedom.

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