On the way in the Land of the Thousand Lakes.
Marina in the Masurian Lake District.
Berthing possibility at a lakeshore.
Children also will have lots of fun.
Idyllic landscape.
Passing a swing bridge on the way to the next stop.

Masurian Lake District

Masurian Lake District

In the north of Poland you can find the lake district of Masuria also referred to as the land of thousand lakes. Here you can spot woods, forests, and fields that encircle this wonderful area.
The Masurian lake-district offers ideal conditions for those who like to engage in water sports, swim, or go fishing.
If you should embark on a houseboat cruise in this wonderful area you will have the opportunity of seeing and experiencing old castles in towns like Gizycko, Ryn, and Worgorzeno. There are formidable ruins here that will delight every house boat traveller. Visit the mighty castle of Fort Boyen, for instance, and get a glimpse of Poland’s impressive history. On the shore of the Mamry Lake you can find Wegorzewo, a small but attractive town. It lies only some 13 miles from the Russian border. Here you can still encounter small craftsmen shops and idyllic streets. The beach of Ogonki is just some four miles away from the town.
Locaboat and Cardinal Boating have their bases in the impressive town of Mikolajki which is one of the most gorgeous settlements of the whole district. You can experience a great number of historic buildings dating from the 18th and 19th century here.

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