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Sailing under the sun of Brazil

Yachtcharter Brazil Sailing in the Country of Islands and Beaches

Brazil offers a virtually endless selection of sailing opportunities.
The country's coast with its almost 4000 miles of beach and 365 islands will conquer the heart of every sailor. Equally stunning are the islands' 2000 beaches and the splendid bay called Angra Dos Reis with its cristal clear and warm water.

Brazilians like to party but they are a very friendly and cooperative people.

Our base is located in the newly opened Marina Verolme which is also fully equipped and has recently been modernized. The base is situated in the most beautiful area for nautical sports in Brazil. It takes about two and a half hours by bus or thirty minutes by helicopter from the international airport in Rio de Janeiro to our base.

Yachtcharter Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Angra Dos Reis, Marina Verolme

Partner base:
Angra Dos Reis, Marina Verolme

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