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Sail under the Dominican sun
Beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic
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Dominican Republic

Our new Caribbean Destination

Hispaniola Island was discovered in 1492 by Christophe Columbus. It is the second biggest island in the Antilles. The Dominican Republic is covering almost 2/3 of the island.

In the Caribbean, the capital St. Domingo is one of the most lively, spontaneous and inviting places. Hispaniola is named "the Island of smile" for a certain reason.

The Spanish influence is remarkable, especially in language, clothing and traditions, while the African roots mostly appear in the way of dancing.

With its lonely beaches and beautiful lagoons the national park 'Del Este' offers you one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Dominican Republic.

Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!

Yachtcharter Dominican Republic:
St. Domingo, Bràvao, Punta Cana

Bestsail base:
La Romana

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